Polaris Expeditionary Learning School

Art Education Students teach art at Polaris Expeditionary Elementary School each Friday morning during the fall semesters. CSU students are responsible for developing a curriculum, teaching, documenting, and exhibiting art for grades K – 5. The portfolios below are documents of teaching and learning. Documentation shows Polaris students that their work is valued and provides an archive that traces the history of the class and the pleasure in the process of learning experienced by the students and teachers. It becomes a powerful tool for reflection and learning for both the teacher and student.


Polaris blog sites for 2018 semester include:

K: Denise’s Class

1: Julie’s Class

2-3 Brittany’s Class

2-3 Tamara’s Class

4-5 Alicia’s Class

4-5 Tom’s Class


Polaris blog sites for 2017 semester include:

K: Julie’s Class

1: Denise’s Class

2-3: Brittany’s and Tamara’s Classes

4-5: Alicia’s and Tom’s Classes


Polaris blog sites for 2016 semester include:

K: Denise’s Class

1: Julie’s Class 

2-3: Brittany’s Class

2-3: Tamara’s Class

4-5: Alicia’s Class

4-5: Tom’s Class


Polaris blog sites for 2015 semester include:

K: Julie’s Class

1: Denise’s Class 

2-3: Brittany’s Class 

2-3: Tamara’s Class

4-5: Alicia’s Class

4-5: Tom’s Class


Polaris blog sites for 2014 semester include:

“Teaching in Review” Fall 2014: Lab School Fall 2014 (PowerPoint)

K-1: Julie’s Class – http://k1Julie2k14.wordpress.com

K-1: Denise’s Class – http://knjteachart.weebly.com

2-3: Brittany’s Class – http://superartroom23.weebly.com

2-3: Tamara’s Class – http://twothreeartwithme.wordpress.com

4-5: Alicia’s Class – http://artedufall.weebly.com

4-5: Tom’s Class – http://selfdiscoveryart.wordpress.com


Polaris blog sites for 2013 semester include:

K-1: Julie’s Class – http://k1discoversarted.wordpress.com/

K-1: Denise’s Class – http://kelseyabbyart.wordpress.com

2-3: Brittany’s Class – http://csuteachesart.wordpress.com

2-3: Tamara’s Class – http://chart23.wordpress.com/

4-5: Alicia’s Class – http://steampunked.weebly.com/day-5.html

4-5: Tom’s Class – http://steampunked.weebly.com/


Polaris blog sites for 2012 semester include:

Julie’s Class: http://k1creativeconnections.wordpress.com/

Denise’s Class: http://kindergartenart326.wordpress.com/

Brittany’s Class: http://2nd3rdart.wordpress.com/

Tamara’s Class: http://polarisart2and3.wordpress.com/

Tom’s Class: http://fourfiveartalive.wordpress.com/

Alicia’s Class: http://bbjart.wordpress.com/

Polaris blog sites for 2011 semester include:

Julie’s Class: http://creativekindergarten.wordpress.com/

Denise’s Class: http://flywilzeikuseduc466art326.wordpress.com/

Brittany’s Class: http://art326mollyandkara.wordpress.com/

Tamara’s Class: http://tamarascrew.wordpress.com/

Karen’s Class: http://45imaginaryanimals.wordpress.com/

Tom’s Class: http://artofstories.wordpress.com/2011/09/08/once-upon-a-time/


Polaris blog sites for 2010 semester include:

Julie’s Class: http://jayeandjenna.wordpress.com/

Brittany’s Class: http://thovak.wordpress.com/nice-to-meet-you/

Susan’s Class: http://coryannalabschool.wordpress.com

Karen’s Class: http://pedagogicalspace.wordpress.com/

Tamara’s Class: http://kkmtamara.wordpress.com/

Tom’s Class:  http://csuarteducation.wordpress.com/

Jennifer’s Class:  http://labschool56starlabranson.wordpress.com/


Polaris Exhibitions


Each semester at Polaris Expeditionary School concludes with an exhibition of student art. The exhibition is a way to advocate for art and educate parents, teachers, and administrators about the process of making art. The exhibition is a process exhibition that includes:

Lesson and unit descriptions that help the viewer to understand the concepts and process that went into making student art. This offers the opportunity to understand the depth of learning involved in making the art.

Art vocabulary and vocabulary of other disciplines when the art lesson is integrated with math, science, or social studies, etc.

State visual arts standards (and other subject standards integrated with the lesson) to show alignment, purpose and rigor.

Sketchbooks, models, and ideation sheets that demonstrate how students envision and plan to begin and continue through the art making process.

Images of students experimenting and creating throughout the art making process. These images are accompanied by quotes from students that reveal  meaning in the art making process.

Gallery activities are developed for Polaris students; allowing them to explore and interact with artwork created by their peers.

Exhibitions are opportunities to educate and advocate. Click on an image below to see documentation (PowerPoint) from previous Polaris art exhibits.


Polaris 18


Polaris 2017















Newsletters are another way to inform parents and administrators of students’ art experiences throughout the school year. Additionally, a newsletter allows the art educator to assess students in another format, assess teaching, and evaluate the art program.

Colorado State University art education students create newsletters at the conclusion of each semester at Polaris. These newsletters include:

  • overview of unit
  • description and objectives of each lesson
  • key concepts and enduring understanding
  • alignment of learning to standards
  • materials and processes explored
  • appropriate images to demonstrate learning

Click on the image below to view an example of a newsletter: