C. Art Education Curriculum

Undergraduate Program

ART325: Concepts in Art Education 

The intent of this course is to introduce students to concepts on how artistic learning occurs in children, adolescents, and adults, including special populations. Additionally, students investigate how these concepts shaped art education practice in the past and how it continues to influence current pedagogical practice in art. This class is meant to provide a foundation for later course work in art education. A practicum experience with special populations is an integral component of this class.

ART326: Art Education Studio

This class is intended to give art education students the opportunity to explore materials, techniques, and equipment for instruction in the K-12 school art curricula. Students are involved with planning and teaching art experiences, as well as creating art work. Students develop a collection of reference materials; learn about additional studio techniques and equipment—with an emphasis on technology including electronic art and digital fabrication; and research the operational components of managing an art program.

EDUC466: Methods and Assessment in K-12 Art Education

In this course students continue to explore the components of curriculum design— standards, lesson planning, differentiation and assessment in art; selecting and classifying appropriate concepts, subjects, themes, contemporary art, and other related sources for content to teach K-12 students. Art education students use units and lesson plans created in class to provide weekly art instruction to K-5 students at an expeditionary learning school in the Poudre School District. The semester concludes with a school-wide exhibition of K-5 student art.

EDUC493: Professional Relations (Student Teaching Seminar-Art)

In this class, art students in the process of becoming teachers will continue to search to find insight into the basic philosophical understanding of what may be termed an educational experience: who they are, what they do, and how they define themselves in the context of the teaching situation. Additionally, students prepare a portfolio, complete a Teacher Work Sample (TWS) and develop interview skills by participating in mock interviews.

ART492b: Art Education Seminar

Current issues and topics in Art Education are addressed in this class. Topics change based on student interest and demand. Past classes have included: Art Education and the Museum; Art Education and Diversity; and Art and the Young Child. A museum practicum is provided through the University Art Museum’s BRAINY program.

ART295I & ART495I: Independent Study in Art Education

Individualized study for students to consider a previously researched topic in more depth. A great option for highly motivated students who want to explore specialized topics and interests in art education. Art Education Independent Study Proposal and Contract


Graduate Program – Coming Soon!


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