G. Student Teaching


“Teaching is like learning an art. It requires depth of experience for self-reflective understanding and continued development. It requires related experiences and deep personal involvement. Most important, learning to be a teacher, like learning an art, requires a series of tangible products in which we can review and see, over time, the pattern of our development and the form of our individuality.” -Burkhart and Neil in Identity and Teacher Learning

The student teaching semester is the capstone experience for students in the art education program at Colorado State University. Students work with mentor teachers and a university coach during two eight-week placements; one setting at the elementary level and the other at the secondary level. During student teaching  art students in the process of becoming teachers continue to search to find insight into the basic philosophical understanding of what may be termed an educational experience: who they are, what they do, and how they define themselves in the context of the teaching situation.

Below are selected portfolios from the last several semesters created by students teachers in the program.



Spring 2019


Fall 2018

Roxanne MaClarney

Nicole Niederman


Spring 2018

Samantha Cook

Ben Gowen

Katie Mills

Ross Montgomery

Emily Smith


Fall 2017

Liz Griffin

Crystal Hinds

Adam Makan

Angela Natrasevschi


Spring 2017

Andres Flores

Montserrat Granados

Jukie Kaspari

Beth Slaugh




Student teachers reflect on their teaching during a presentation and exhibition of their students’ work. More then simply displaying artwork, student teachers present a process exhibition. In this type of exhibition, student teachers attempt to capture and present the ideation, problem-solving, planning, and insights of the artmaking process encountered by their K-12 students. 

Student Teaching Showcase Fall 2018 – Coming Soon!

Student Teaching Showcase Spring 2018

Student Teaching Showcase Spring 2017

Student Teaching Showcase Spring 2016

Student Teaching Showcase Fall 2016

Student Teaching Showcase Spring 2015

Student Teaching Showcase Fall 2015

Student Teaching Showcase Fall 2014


In the videos below, student-teachers provide an overview of an elementary and middle art experience.

In the videos below, student-teachers talk about assessment and “negotiating” with students to honor choice in the art classroom.